Hello (investing) world!

Welcome to my blog!

I am a 30+ years old Swedish guy who has finally decided to get serious
about my investing. I have been invested in the stock market since 2011, and
over the years I have made a couple of brief attempts at becoming a better
investor, primarily by reading a ton of value investing books and following
some blogs, but thats about as far as I´ve ever gotten. Instead, I have mostly
been invested in index funds, and I have also had the great fortune to have a
number of very talented friends that I occassionally has been able to discuss
and copy some ideas from, with mininal work on my part. That I have
outperformed the large Swedish indexes on aggregate since 2011 should pretty much be entirely credited said friends.

Over the past year or so, this has changed. I´ve been getting my hands dirty
analyzing business, re-reading books and have been listening to a bunch of
podcasts on investing, and really enjoyed it, and I finally feel like I´m
getting a lot better at it (probably because I´m putting much more of an effort
into actually understanding what I´m reading or listening to). I do have a bit
of a manic side when it comes to learning new things, when I get interested in something, I want to everything there is to know about that specific topic, and right know I am in that phase where I spend pretty much all the time I can thinking about investing.

The main purpose of this blog is entirely selfish, namely for me to become a
better investor. By putting my thoughts into writing I am forcing myself to
really examine my process and make sure I do the work, and hopefully I will
receive feedback from the investing community on whatever mistakes I make when analyzing businesses, as I am sure there will be plenty, while at the same time hopefully contributing with new interesting cases for other people to dig deeper into. I decided to write in English rather than Swedish, mainly because I didn´t want to limit myself to reaching only people that understand Swedish, which again ties into the fact that I am hoping for as much feedback as I can possibly get, from anyone who cares to provide it.

My day job is as a data analyst, where I run a two man consultancy business with a close friend of mine, and I have a degree in statistics. I also have a long history playing poker for a living. I expect both my day job and my history in poker to influence my investing style quite a bit, and I do think that my career in poker has helped me develop a mindset that has the potential to be a huge advantage in investing (I might elaborate on this in a future post).

This blog is certainly not meant to constitute investment advice, the posts may contain errors of different sorts, and as mentioned above, I would largely credit my friends for my investment record to date. Instead, I hope that the things I write can spark discussion and hopefully make all of us who engage better investors in the end.



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